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Hey sup, Matthewrulz here! I just wanted to say that it’s been a while since my last post! When did I last log in, 2010? I forgot…


2012 Part 2

Piplup145: Oh now I know.

Matthewrulz: *Sigh* Goodbye, life and friends. It was good knowing you.

A wrecking ball hits the Pet Shop. The Pet Shop falls over.

Matthewrulz: Now the puffles are dead.


They both rush to her office.

Matthewrulz+R2d3c3po: AUNT ARCTIC!!! 2012 is today!

Aunt Arctic: Oh my! This is terrible! I’ll have to post my article, quick!

She quickly types her story.

Matthewrulz: AUNT ARCTIC THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!! *Cries* WE NEED YOU TO ESCAPE!!! *Cries*

Aunt Arctic: I finished my arcticle! NOW I can escape!

R2d3c3po: Good!

They go outside.

Tanks and turrets were outside.

Saraapril: Tanks and turrets!?!?!?

R2d3c3po: And fires!?!?!?!?

Matthewrulz: And earthquakes!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Saraapril: And nukes!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

R2d3c3po: And tsunamis!?!?!?!?!?!?

Matthewrulz: And storms!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Aunt Arctic: This is too many disasters!

Gary: And noob attacks!?!?!?!?!?

Matthewrulz: Noob attacks are just evil noobs.

Gary: But they kill you!

Rain started pouring down.

The lighthouse light went off.

Matthewrulz: Oh no! The light went off!

R2d3c3po: And The Migrator is heading here!

Gary: Rockhopper might crash!

In the Lighthouse…

Penguin Band is playing music.

Crowd: WOOHOO!!!!!!

The music stops.

Lightning strikes.

Petey K: 2012 already!?!?!?

Matthewrulz busts through the door.

Matthewrulz: Didn’t you guys watch the news!?!? 2012 is today!

Crowd Member: Petey K was right!

They heard a loud CRASH on the wall. The wall cracked.

Matthewrulz: I’ll check.

Matthewrulz went outside through the fires and nukes.



2012 Part 1

Somehow, Matthewrulz got unbanned from last week.

Matthewrulz: I’m bored.

He was watching the news 2010.

News: This is an early 2 years! Tomorrow will be 2012! Goodbye world!

Matthewrulz was staring at the TV with his mouth open, watching the credits roll up.

Matthewrulz: OoO

Saraapril came in.

Saraapril: Got bad news.

Matthewrulz: Me too. *Sigh* What’s your news?

Saraapril: 2012 is tomorrow. And so is the end of the world. What’s your news?

Matthewrulz: The same thing!

Matthewrulz+Saraapril: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

They bump into each other.

Matthewrulz+Saraapril: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Matthewrulz: I have to tell this to R2d3c3po!

At R2d3c3po’s igloo…

Matthewrulz busts through the door.

Matthewrulz: R2! Bad news!

R2d3c3po: 2012 is coming tomorrow? Oh yeah I saw that on the news!

Matthewrulz: Are you a mind reader?

R2d3c3po: No. I saw it on TV too.

Matthewrulz: Aw, this is terrible! We can’t let the world end TOMORROW!

Aunt Arctic shows up.

Aunt Arctic: Hey. What are you two boys feelin’ down for?

Matthewrulz takes out a radio.

Radio: This is an early 2 years! Tomorrow will be 2012! Goodbye world!

Aunt Arctic: 2012 is the year the world ends! We can’t let it end!

Voice: WE MUST…

Matthewrulz: Who the crap just said that?

R2d3c3po: That voice did.

Matthewrulz: Whose voice?


Matthewrulz is in bed still. He gets up.

A whole bunch of wrecking balls come. And tanks. And Shoop Da Whoop. And UFOs.

Piplup145: Look! An OOFO!

Matthewrulz: It’s a UFO!


Matthewrulz Robs The Bank

Matthewrulz was just sitting in his igloo.

Matthewrulz: *Sigh* I need some money.

Matthewrulz shows his money. He has 8000 coins.

Matthewrulz: I FEEL SO POOR!!!

2 seconds later, he took out the newspaper. The article said Club Penguin was opening a bank!

Matthewrulz: O_O A bank! That just gave me the idea! I can rob it!

A few minutes later, R2d3c3po came in.

R2d3c3po: Hey.

Matthewrulz: Hi, R2!

Matthewrulz: You know that bank that’s opening on Friday, right?

R2d3c3po: Yeah.

Matthewrulz: I’m gonna rob it!

R2d3c3po: OH EM GEE

Matthewrulz: Don’t tell anyone!

R2d3c3po: OK, I won’t!

R2d3c3po walked out.

That Friday…

Matthewrulz: I’m gonna get money big time! And I know the perfect way to teleport to the bank. MAGIC PUDDING!!!


Matthewrulz: Ahhh, yes!

At the bank…

Matthewrulz: OK, let’s open this blasted door.

Matthewrulz threw a snowball at the door.

The door opened.

3 minutes later…

Matthewrulz: -_- You would really think this place needs better security.

Matthewrulz threw a snowball at the door and it opened. Finally, he walked in.

You have earned 37547698239849358946896898649689468946898 coins.

You now have 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 coins.

At Matthewrulz’s igloo…

Matthewrulz: W00T W00T!

R2d3c3po walked in.

Matthewrulz: Hey R2.

R2d3c3po: Hey Matt.

Matthewrulz: I robbed the bank! Now no one can stop me!

R2d3c3po: Except me.

Matthewrulz: Huh?

R2d3c3po dresses up as an agent.

Matthewrulz: R2! YOU’RE A COP!

R2d3c3po: That’s right! Now hand me the money!

Matthewrulz: Nuh-uh!

They both run around in circles.-_-

Later at the iceberg Matthewrulz sees a whole bunch of people named Pie Almighty, and meets his friend Piplup145.

Matthewrulz: Uh-oh! This isn’t good! Piplup! You have to help me! R2 is a cop! And he’s gonna arrest me! Please hide me!

Piplup145 runs around.

Piplup145: Come to my igloo.

Later at Piplup145’s igloo…

Matthewrulz: Dude if I get caught I’ll get banned! I’ll need to stay here for sometime.

Piplup145: Ok.

Matthewrulz: Thanks.

R2d3c3po comes.

Matthewrulz: HOLY CRUD!

R2d3c3po: I’m gonna kill you and arrest you once and for all!

Piplup145 dresses up as an agent.

Matthewrulz: Piplup! You’re a cop too!?!?!?

Piplup145: Yes. Now we’re gonna get you!



The moderator has banned your account. your ban will expire in:


The End

New Mission!

Hi Matthewrulz here.

Well, it appears that the new mission is out TODAY! Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. I was on ROBLOX. You need to play the new mission, “The Veggie Villain”. It’s awesome!

Go Green CP!

Hi Matthewrulz here.

Turn green on CP to show that you will reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Happy Easter!

Hi Matthewrulz here.

Just wanna show you what I got for Easter.

Blue puffle plush

Blue puffle clip.

Hockey penguin.